OK. Noticing some quirks today. I do this on days when I’m not engaged with lectures for whatever reason, and today my observation centre in my brain was picking on the prof for 350. She has a strange way of applying vocabulary. I scribbled in my margin, for example: how does one “do” an idea? “Look at this great idea that I did.” You have an idea, not do one. There is no action that can produce an idea, the way you can DO some writing.  (If there is, truly, let me in on the secret!) They just come, like sneezes. Also, the word ‘artifact’. This has overtones of antiquity for me, even archaeology, and as such I can’t really apply the term to any of my belongings. So when we have to bring an ‘artifact’ for our presentation, it kind of throws me. I guess it feels a little pretentious.

I also have to apologize to Nomes for correcting her spelling on the blackboard. I thought that the quote had been left by someone else. I know it’s not changing diapers on your coffee table, but just the same: Sry Nomes.

Ok, now I have to write something or three. I want my headache to go away!