We’re watching “Virus” on Space atm and it got me thinking about all the stupid things that horror flick characters do. The only fun in them is figuring out which one will die first, how and who will be the last ones alive.

So: Stupid things horror flick characters do that you should avoid.

1. Never go downstairs
2. If there are no lights, don’t go there
3. Never split up
4. If it’s abandoned, there’s probably a DAMN good reason
5. blood is never a good sign
6. listen to the survivor, if there is one
7. Never stick your head in a dark hole
8. Never put your hand inside anything if you can’t see
9. Don’t follow ghostly voices even if you think it’s someone you know
10. If a door’s locked there’s probably something behind it, and it probably wants to kill you

Anything else I should add?