Mom visited yesterday.

I showed her the present I got for Mia. I hope Amber likes it as much as she did. Mom brought me a dried artichoke flower and some other things for my dried arrangement. I was missing plants in the house and discovered that the cats don’t seem to eat the dried ones with as much gusto. Artichoke heads look so cool. I’ll try and post a picture of it when I get back from work.

We went out for lunch at Moxie’s and talked about anything and everything, like wanting to stick our toes in the Mediterranean again before we got too old to travel, and things we learned from the bad episodes in our lives. Probably because I was writing about one of those bad episodes for a paper that’s due this week. I think I finally have enough psychic distance for that now. Wish me luck with that anyway. It’s something I have to get out of my system.

More later, I have to haul my sorry little butt to work now.