Wow. Who knew that sitting for five and a half hours could be so tiring.

I had two classes back-to-back today, and all we did was listen to presentations… Mind you, at the end of the last class, we did our pages for our class Zine. That was a little more stimulating that taking notes off an overhead and watching people make asses of themselves in an attempt to present their topic. It was ‘blah’ from the entry I had before about her attack on the professor, and her two siblings. (her big problem was that the professor had referred to them as ‘you three’ rather than by name, see this entry if you want the whole story)As a result, many people have a hard time taking her seriously, or actually liking her. Everyone’s kind of afraid to cross her or disagree with her because she just gets so bent. It’s bad that this same feeling is sort of becoming attached to the other two siblings, but its hard to separate them when they stick so closely together. I actually started to wonder if the other two were just terrified of her, and unable to say no to her – but then that would negate the brother taking a class without the other two.

I dunno!