Wednesday Mind Hump – Week 41

It’s Hump Day again — isn’t that electrifying? It should be especially since today is Electricity Day which commemorates Benjamin Franklin’s historic kite flight waaaaaay back in 1752. What a shocking discovery! *rolls eyes* Hmmmm, kite, key, storm … sounds like Ol’ Ben could have easily joined our crazy clique. Maybe what they say is true … “There’s a fine line between genius and insanity.” Hey! Does that mean we’re all borderline geniuses? Woo Hoo!

Yes, yes this must be true, for I do believe I’m borderline something… 😉

Let’s charge our minds with a little pre-humping action — Tell us about a memorable shocking (or odd, interesting, valuable) discovery. Example: Mom lied. No matter how many goofy faces I make my face will NOT get stuck like that forever. Or — if you wrap celery in aluminum foil it will stay fresh and crispy for weeks. Or — Trix really ARE for kids!. You get the point.

When I made the discovery, I was about 9, so it went something like: expectations are a waste of time. To avoid disappointment, don’t form them. I’d gone to a birthday party that I’d been excited about all week. It was my first party at a popular girls house. My social status was about to change. I was going to wow them etc etc. Turns out I was invited merely because everyone had. There were no goody bags and it basically sucked. All the little scenarios I’d played in my head all week never came to fruition. I’ve since modified the rule to: Unrealistic expectations are a waste of time. Now I reserve judgment of a situation until I actually am there.

Here we go — ladies and gentleman, start your humps. This week, some “getting to know you fun” with a wittle wobble.

01. If you had an off/on switch, what would you want it to switch off/on instantly?

my logic switch. Since I’m too scattered to actually formulate a coherent argument on the fly, I’d like to be able to turn that ability on when I needed it and off when I don’t so that I can enjoy my usual quirky self.

02. Your favorite celebrity will be knocking on your door in exactly one minute. Considering you only have one minute, what would you do before you answer the door and how would you greet them?

Right now I’d take out all the garbage that’s been sitting by the door since last night and close the bedroom door so that they don’t see the sorted laundry that needs to be doing, and probably change the cat litter. That done, I’d let them in and treat them like a friend. They’re my favourite celebrity for the work they do, so I won’t pretend I really know who they are. If they’re coming to my house I’d like to think that that was an opportunity to get to know them. I’d offer coffee or something.

03. If you could save time in a bottle, what time(s) would you save?

A certain dinner date in Nanaimo. A moment on the top of mount Tzouhalem. A sunset and a thunderstorm on Maple Bay beach. A certain post-grad summer that involved playgrounds and camping trips and nights at the river. A road trip to Hornby Island, and to Osoyoos. A certain night on the town with J. A moment in the kitchen where I told J I loved him for the first time. Our first date.

04. Look around you. First, tell us what room you’re in. Now, name the first red thing you see … likewise blue, and yellow.

Red pen, blue CD, yellow post-it, green book… etc.

05. If you had a peephole in your head, what might people see when they peep in?

Chaos. My mental secretary has taken in unexpected leave of absence, and she’s hired a kangaroo from a questionable temp agency to fill in while she’s gone.