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Gah! I’ve not had any caffeine yet! My world is ending… ok, so there are no crack in the earth to back me up, but humour me anyway. This am when I dragged my groggy butt up to campus for my first class, this woman sat next to me who smelled like she’d marinated for a week in her perfume. Perfume makes my head hurt on the best of days. This made my fucking eyes water it was so strong. So here I am trying not to make faces because I’m sure the lady’s very nice, and just doesn’t want to smell like BO, but COME ON people. Think about others for a change: if other people can smell you coming, and then smell you for twenty minutes after the fact, then maybe its time to switch to a nice light scent. Please?

Argh, no time. Must dash. Workshop now. Need. More. Sleep.