Here’s a transcript from a part of an episode of Dead Like Me. This is from Season Two, Episode One, called ‘Send in the Clown.’

(VO) Which is why it wasn’t so bad walking into Happy Time, where the only thing ever written on a post-it note(farting noise) was stuff like “Who farted?” and “10 copies, like A.S.A.P” and…(she picks a post-it from her monitor)

GEORGE: Please see me (speed camera over to Delores)
DELORES: Oh Millie
GEORGE: Delores?
DELORES: I’ve got news, bad news. I have to hire my boss’s nephew, I’m sorry Millie, this boy Brennan has had a world of trouble finding a job and ….
GEORGE: You’re firing me? you’re shit-canning me just like that?
DELORES: No why would you think that?
GEORGE: Bad news? Boss’s nephew? it seemed where you were headed
DELORES: I want you to TRAIN him Millie! and I don’t care for the language, although I do kind of like that phrase. Shit can, shit can, shit can
GEORGE: That’s the bad news? I have to train someone?
DELORES: No the bad news is that he’s as dumb as a bag of hammers,(GEORGE groans) I’m starting him on reception, just show him the phone system. I’d ask Crystal but she’s not a people person. (Quick shot of Crystal peering over the reception desk)
GEORGE: No more trainees, Delores, I can’t take it.(knock on the wall)
BRENNAN: Hi. Uh..the phone’s not working (George perks up and there is a lion’s growl)
DELORES: (enunciates) Dial 9 first
BRENNAN: (looks at George) I’m Brennan
GEORGE: (laughs shyly) I’m training you
GEORGE: Shall I go do it now?
DELORES: No time like the present. Go. Oh Millie, I would never shit can you, you are very special to me. Come here (gets a tissue from the box) can’t send you into the world with smutz all over your face. oh go,(GEORGE tries to brush her off) stop, go

(VO) you had to wonder about Delores Herbig and her big strange heart.You had to wonder how long that smootz had been on my face. Was that smootz or smutz?



back at George’s Desk. George is losing herself in Brennan
GEORGE: Okay, so if you want to dial someone from the office, you….
BRENNAN: I totally know this one

(VO) Look at those lips, grrr I just want to bite your face

BRENNAN: You dial the extention first…..

(VO) I want to tear your skin off, make pyjamas out of them and wear ’em to bed

GEORGE: Excellent
(big sigh of relief from Brennan. The telphone rings)
BRENNAN: Should I answer it?
GEORGE: (whispering) let’s give that a whirl

I love this show. Thanks for the recommendation Nomes.