Whoever thinks that retail is a job for pansies obviously has never done it. Preparing to open a new store is a LOT of work. I started at 7am. I was done at 5:30. Same thing tomorrow. We unpacked an awful lot of boxes today. 100+ boxes. It actually looks like a real store now, albeit kinda messy and unfinished, since one of the banks of shelving slots is missing. (yeah, go figure on that one. I hope it comes before Tuesday, because we’re supposed to be open and functioning that day.) We will have two tills, which is a nice surprise, because it’s obvious that we will be doing some super duper business. “Dennis the menace” our loss prevention and merchandising directer kicks butt. He bought the store a new stereo and telephone (it’s cordless, so we don’t have to fart around and get tangled in the cord while we’re in the little desk space.) Well, the desk is HUGE, but there’s not an awful lot of space within it for moving around in. I can’t believe that they’re going to have the store open tomorrow. I think it’s a waste of time. But then, what do I know, I’m just one of the bodies that does the work. The DM wasn’t here today. She doesn’t know that we went ahead anyway. The construction guys somehow managed to put in the display arches backwards, if you can believe it, so it took them the better part of yesterday to fix that. Yesterday was the day we were supposed to get all the fixtures and the clothes unpacked. The DM said we should let the dudes do their thing and then we’d move in on Sunday and get everything ready. Thankfully “Dennis the Menace” didn’t agree. Judee is going to flip. Hehe.

I tired now.