Wednesday Mind Hump – Week 42

Wheeee! It’s Hump Day again! Hold on to your skivvies, kids, because today we celebrate BOXER SHORTS Day! (October 27) Today commemorates the day that the loose fitting underpants were introduced in 1901 though they didn’t become wildly popular until the 1930s. World, meet boxer shorts — boxer shorts, meet world. :^p Let’s be different — let’s celebrate something else instead — something that’s very important to Blogdrive Insanity and blogging in general — the Internet’s Birthday. YAY! This Friday, October 29, marks the day in 1969 that two college campuses linked up computers resulting in the birth of the internet as we know it thus enabling the creating of weblogs or ‘blogs’. Whew! Thank goodness. Can you imagine a world without blogging? Scary, huh?

Let’s warm up for today’s hump — using the letters S-U-R-F-I-N-G reveal what rewards the internet and blogging has brought into your life.

Steady stream of useless information
Untidy desk full of scribbled notes
Regular blogging
Fun reading material
Interesting insights
Never enough Hard Drive space
Going to overload my brain

Are you ready? Let’s get Humpified!

Today some fun with free association or “I say ___, you think __”. Below is a list of words. Respond with the first word, phrase, sentence that comes into your cwazy little heads. Or babble on if you like — it doesn’t matter what you do — just have a humpin’ good time!

01. layer – cake
02. automatic – standard
03. restless – fidgety
04. juggle – clown
05. powered – powerpuff girl
05. compliment –ary food
06. spew – upchuck
07. castle – walls
08. freckles – Nomes
09. dough – boy
10. style – sheet
11. bonus – points
12. green eggs and ham – sam I am