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I seem to have a strange affect on streetlamps. I went to the corner store to get some milk not too long ago, and when I was on my way back to the apt, the street lamp on the corner went out. I remember when I was younger, when mom and I’d drive along the road home, they’d frequently go out in sequence as we drove. Never more than three or four at a time, but you have to wonder.

Saw an awful car in the mall parking lot yesterday. Rather, an awful car interior. I swear that the whole inside of the thing was filled with garbage, except for a spot where the driver would sit. At first i thought it was stuff for a rummage sale, or a goodwill run, but no. When I stopped to look it was all dirty newspapers, coffee cups, pens, old socks… i don’t even think I want to know what else was in there. How can anybody live with that much crap in the car? Doesn’t it stink? EW!

Anyway, I’m doing my favourite thing again, and that’s procrastinating. I’m ‘taking a break’ from writing my paper. So to get my butt in gear, (and to explain why I’m not playing AC every spare minute, ahem, SNO) I will list all the things I have to finish:

Things to do this month:

1. Finish paper for tomorrow, on ADD
2. Meet my group tomorrow at 6:30-7
3. Work on Friday, 1-9:30
4. Move, tomorrow or Friday.
5. The Kiddo comes to visit from the 11-14
5. Commentary for the resource journal has to be done by the 15th
7. Have notes from an interview, and a profile rough draft by the 16th
8. Have my second short story ready for workshopping on the 17th
9. Be prepared for my book presentation for 215 starting on the 16th
10. Group presentation for 350 is on the 18th
11. the research paper for 428A is due on the 19th
12. have the profile for 215 completed by the 23rd
13. Novel presentation for 353A is on the 25th
14. Commonplace book is due on the 25th
15. Reading resource Journal (353A) is due December 2
16. Exam for 350 is on December 2
17. Exam for 428A is on December 11
18. Final portfolio for workshop class due on December 14th.