Oh Puh-leeze Bush is in for another 4 years. The man’s a git. Mind you, so was Kerry, but at least he could speak english. I suppose I should be nice, but crap on a stick, can’t we gain some common sense and leave poor Iraq alone now?

I thinkie that I am done my paper. Lindzoo read my paper and said it flowed, which is what I was worried about, so I will read it again in the am, and decide then if it’s worth handing in as is.

So, while I am feeling a little liberated from the paper, I will do the:

Wednesday Mind Hump — Week 43

Ahhh, Wednesday …

Don’t you just love Wednesdays? Sandwiched between Tuesday and Thursday, Wednesday’s are just delicious aren’t they? How appropriate that today we celebrate Sandwich Day which commemorates the creation of the sandwich by the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montague, in 1762. What a concept!

Let’s get creative ourselves and warm up for the today’s Mind Hump. Make a “you” sandwich. What or whom would you like to be sandwiched between. Example: I’d like to be sandwiched between William H. Gates III and Warren E. Buffett on the Forbes Richest People list. Or … whipped cream and strawberries. You get the idea. Remember, we have youngsters in our ranks so let’s not be too graphic. *wink*

Lol, aside from a couple of very well-built and terribly intelligent men? *drool…* Hrm, I’m not sure… maybe maple syrup and pancakes, or in another mood: sand and salt water.

On with the HUMP!

01. You have a magic faucet in your home that dispenses whatever you want in unlimited quantities — it will never run dry. What is it that flows from your faucet?

Clean cold Duncan water, the best in BC. Or Pepsi, or a lovely vodka and coke misture. Mmmmm. Again, this depends on my mood.

02. On your way to work/school you see a billboard with you on it which advertises your best character or physical attribute. What sort of picture would be on the billboard and what would the one-line advertisement say?

Me, surrounded by books and papers and looking a little frazzled, and it would say: books are a girls best friend, or “Procrastination Queen” On the other hand, I’d go for a shot of my nice shiny wonderful hair, and the one-liner would be “no additives” since I never really use product.

03. Using the letters of the title of your blog or your internet nick, create a list of things for which you are thankful.

Kitties to sleep on my tummy
Hugs from the people I love
All my friends
Learning, love and laughter (not enough L’s)
Ideas that just pop into my head at random
Acquired confidence
My Mother
Obstacles I’ve already overcome
New duvet and pillows

04. You’ve heard the terms King of Pop and Drama Queen. Thinking along the same lines, what would you be king or queen of?

I think I just said that, lol. Procrastination Queen. Or Queen of the Book Worms/Bibliophiles

05. You are a social police officer and have the authority to approach people and ticket them for their offences — like The Fashion Police or the Manners Police. What police force would you be on and what sort of tickets would you issue?

Common Sense Police. Not to quash honest questions at all, but I think I’d give tickets to all those totally moronic questions that make you wonder how people get up and tie their shoes in the morning, and then you realize they’re wearing velcro… You know the kind I mean, the ones that make you stop and think ‘did you really just ask that?’ Bush’d have a jail term. *cough* Must be nice…