Music Mambo – Week 33
“A Different Twist”

The challenge this week if you choose to accept it is this:

There will be parts of several sentences posted below and you finish them off however you see fit, or fill in the blanks, or maybe even both!

Music made me the person I am today because I discovered that I can use it to alter my mood when I need to. LOL

The first time I heard Delerium’s “Flowers Become Screens” on the radio , I knew that I was hooked and I didn’t even know who’d done it. It took me ages of obsessive radio listening to finally get the name. The rest is history.

Boybands make me want to puke, generally.

Kylie Minogue makes me want to get up and dance.

Delerium is my favorite, because it evokes so many memories and makes me feel relaxed.

If I want to relax, I listen to Delerium or Conjure One, Massive Attack, Fluke or Portishead.

If it weren’t for Nomes, I never would have listened to the Hackers Soundtrack or The Black-Eyed Peas

Music is the language that connects us and acknowledges our differences at the same time.