So I’ve not got a heck of a lot done in the last two days, except unpacking 20 boxes or so at work today. Seems my concentration abilities are nil. But then that is probably in large part due to the fact that I’m not used to having an 11-year-old here. I usually only have J as the only kid I have to deal with. *giggle* He’ll laugh because I said that.

I’m lucky to have a guy like J. No matter how much he might peeve me with some masculine idiosyncratic behaviour, he’s always there when I need him. I also like that he doesn’t get loudly pissy at things he can’t change. Sure, he grumps, but he doesn’t kick furniture or yell. I think that’s partially his taurus nature. He’s like a bull: he’ll happily stand in the pasture chewing his cud and rubbing his ass on the fenceposts until somebody starts to poke him repeatedly with a stick. Then he’ll snort and make false dashes to try and scare the pest away. If said pest keeps pesting then he’ll trample them and go back to chewing his cud.

Kiddo is playing Super Mario Brothers on the old N64. Trade one annoying background noise for another.

J ate chili last night. We’re all paying for it now.

I need an idea for my next story for writing class next week. I was thinking something a little more on the sci-fi side, because it seems everyone is going out on a limb in this workshop. We’ve had one guy write from a female POV – and sadly, he failed. (I mean, how vacuous can one person be? AND she ended up having a lesbian relationship for apparently no reason, We never got to hear what she was thinking or feeling to make us believe anything she was doing.) But the thing is, he TRIED it. Another in our workshop tried to write from an 11-year old boy’s POV, and she’s almost got it. Another tried a strange meta-fiction type thing… you see there are interesting things happening.

So now I just need an dea that I can run with… preferably pretty quick, because I think this is one of the only things I can actually DO while there are so many things happening in this house. Maybe tomorrow I can plug myself in for a while (with my walkman… get your MINDS out of the GUTTER… sheesh) and get some other things DONE.

J’s talking to his sister in Ontario via MSN. I don’t think they’ve talked to each other in for a while. They’re trading pictures. Her son looks like how I imagine J looked when he was little. I wish there were pictures of him from his childhood. =(