Urg. I just want a day to sleep in. The one and only day i had slated for that in the next couple of weeks was saturday. What happens saturday morning? J’s alarm. LOUD. At 8am. Then he hits the snooze and I think he’s hit the off, but it goes off again…. and again. And again. So much for sleep. I got up to unplug the damn thing after 6 times. I’d thought I’d elbowed and grumbled enough that he’d have got the picture. He got up after that. Bah. I want more sleep.

Worked today. It was busy, as usual. More boxes arrived and I’m starting to think that our new, bigger storage room is in fact TOO SMALL.

Going to work on finishing some things for this week now.

My list is slowly getting more manageable. Slowly. It doesn’t look like it, but all of these things are broken down a little more into manageable bits. That in itself too a lot of worrying time.

This Week left to do:

The research paper for 428A is due on the 19th (eep)
Finish Reading Moby Dick (I seriously doubt this is happening this week)
Finish Reading Sabriel
Have a profile rough draft by the 16th
Read my book for the 215 presentation, make notes
Group presentation for 350 is on the 18th ~ which includes:
Make overheads for 350 presentation (tomorrow).
Rehearse with groupmates(tomorrow).
Photocopying (tomorrow).

Next Week:

Book presentation for 215 happens on the 23rd
Commonplace book is due on the 25th
Novel presentation for 353A is on the 25th ~ which includes:
Finish reading ‘What Happened to Lani Garver’
Work on handout information
Look at IRP’s in Curriculum Lab
Annotated Bibliography for lani Garver
Author bio for Carolin Plum-Ucci
Have the profile for 215 completed by the 30th


Reading resource Journal (353A) is due December 2 ~ which includes:
Table of contents
8 Annotated bibliographies
2 personal reflective commentaries
Mini-journal assignments
4 new YA resources for journal
Written responses to others’ presentations
novel responses

Exam for 350 is on December 2
Therefore I must finish reading the text
Exam for 428A is on December 11
therefore I must finish reading the texts…
Final portfolio for workshop class due on December 14th.
therefore must rewrite two stories and write a new one.