Wednesday Mind Hump – Week 45

Happy Hump Day to one and all. What shall we celebrate today? Well …. it’s Coping with Uncertainty Day … should we celebrate that? I’m just not certain. heh-heh Yesterday, 11/16 was The Birth of the Blues Day which commemorates the birth of W.C. Handy; the “Father of the Blues,” in 1873. Tomorrow, 11/18, is Teddy Bear Day which commemorates the day in 1902 when toy maker Morris Michton named the teddy bear after TeddyRoosevelt. I’m — I’m still not certain. Let’s just mush ’em all together and celebrate “I’m Coping With Uncertainty So I’m Singing the Blues and Only My Teddy Bear Will Make Me Feel Better” Day. Yeah yeah, that’s it!
That makes a great hump warm-up. Reveal to us three things:
(1) What everyday occurence mystifies you? Or is there any modern day contraption or gadget that you use often but don’t trust it to perform it’s function right the first time so you make it run the function twice or more?

Coffee culture. I don’t get the whole double creamy no foam freaking whatever… Foamy says it best in “coffehouse propoganda” and “small, medium, large”. It’s coffee ferchrissakes… Oh yeah, and check out “fatkins diet” too.

(2) If you wrote a blues song what would the title be?

Ain’t No Sunshine When There’s Essays to be Written…

(3) Is there a favorite toy (stuffed or otherwise) that you had as a child that you still get warm feelings about when it think of it? What was it and did it have a name?

There are two, but the first would have to be the stuffed mouse-doll that my mother made for me when I was but a wee one. Her name was Mousie and she had little dresses that mom made. My grandma used to make me and her matching sundresses and christmas outfits. (Only I was a strange little 2-year-old. I called Mousie and he, and carried her around by the neck so that mom had to replace the fabric in her neck a couple of times.) When I went in to have my adenoids out when I was about 4 or 5, the doctors let me take her into the OR, and they even put a name band around her neck and gave her a band-aid.

The other is a stuffed dog named Violet, that I got when I was all of seven or eight. She was then the recipient of the matching nightgowns my grandma made.

Both of them have a place of honour in a high shelf, sitting next to Boofie, my mother’s first bear, and grandfather’s first stuffed animal that I think is actually a sheep. I forget his name, I should ask mom again.

Well now, we should be sufficiently warmed up for a good hump now. This week, a little “getting to know” meme with a crazy little twist. The rules are easy as pie. Just copy and paste the warm up above and the questions below into your blog and add your responses. You need not be a member to play – so let us not delay …. let’s hump like crazy, shall we?

01. If you were a bag of potato chips, what flavor would you be?

Hrm, this is tough… Sour cream and onion. Why? Mostly just because I like sour cream and onion.

02. Imagine that every time you take a step a sound is generated — what sounds would your walk make?

My shoes already squeak. I’d like bells, or actual music to play while I walked… but only when I wanted it to, or it might get frightfully annoying.

03. You are a giant who lives in the clouds. You are not a violent giant but sometimes you do frighten the little people below. What is it that you do that scares them so?

I sing in the shower

04. We have all heard that if you hold a seashell to your ear you will hear the ocean. If someone held your head to their ear, what might they hear?

typing sounds, rusty gear noises, steam train whistles, my mental secretary cursing a blue streak because she’s misplaced something again.

05. You’ve seen the ‘Do Not Disturb” door hangers in hotels or “No Soliciting” signs on doors. If there was a new trend of hanging a little sign on our noses, what would your sign say?

danger, may attempt to bite. (? where’d that come from, lol)