ooh, this gave me a chill…

“…Rising to greet the dawn in spring, a time when the soft colors of the landscape brighten as gradually as the sun over the eastern horizon, is especially compelling, and when we feel the wind blow through our hair and awaken our senses, we are inspired in the mercurial realm of the imagination, even as we inspire that air element into our lungs. Likewise, at autumn, if we stand near a body of water at twilight, watching as the sun goes down in the west and makes the water sparkle and reflect dusky colors (pink, purple, red, grey, deep blue), we are usually gripped by emotion, maybe melancholy, maybe joy. We think of the past. And that watery realm reminds us of the liquid truths of our bodies and psyches, our blood and tears, the way we must decide each day how to flow, how to swim. This rush of emotion and simultaneous desire to remain detached from it is a way of understanding the attitudes of our ancestors towards life’s challenges; amidst pain and death, we must remain strong and capable. If we stagnate in anger or bitterness, we stop moving.”

Excerpt from You Call it the Autumnal Equinox, We Call it Mabon article at Witchvox