List is getting shorter!! Whoo!

This Week:

Book presentation for 215 happens tomorrow (eep)
Commonplace book is due on Thursday
Novel presentation for 353A is on Thursday ~ which includes:
Finish reading ‘What Happened to Lani Garver’
Work on handout information
Look at IRP’s in Curriculum Lab (tomorrow)
Annotated Bibliography for Lani Garver
Author bio for Carolin Plum-Ucci
Workshopping for Wednesday

Next Week

Workshopping done – last four stories
Have the profile for 215 completed by the 30th
Reading resource Journal (353A) is due December 2 ~ which includes:
Table of contents
8 Annotated bibliographies
2 personal reflective commentaries on the class
Mini-journal assignments
4 new YA resources for journal (websites, etc)
Written responses to others’ presentations
2 novel responses
Exam for 350 is on December 2
Therefore I must finish reading the text


Exam for 428A is on December 11
therefore I must finish reading the texts…
Final portfolio for workshop class due on December 14th.
therefore must rewrite two stories and write a new one.

I can doo eet!