Had workshop today. *beams* my favourite.

I wish I wasn’t so brain-tired or I’d jump on the rewrite while it’s fresh in the head. It’s interesting how some people got some parts and others got other parts, but no one got the whole thing. Also interesting that it was generally frowned on as not, uh “literary”. I guess I’m more willing to suspend my disbelief than the average literati. Har Har. No, I’m just a geek/nerd at heart.

Now I just have to figure out how to mesh what people thought was happening with what I want to happen and with what people would be more willing to believe. I guess I was trying to switch POV’s too much in such a short story, but thankfully I got a bunch of suggestions on how to fix that. Still tricky in 3000 words.

Feel kind of bad, because the comments I produced for the other two stories weren’t fantastic. I read them all like six times each, but I couldn’t get my brain to focus on the task, what with 6 million drastically different other things to do.

Rained like a bitch today. My umbrella is still kind of sticky, even though P fixed it for me. At least it opens. I hope it’s not raining when mom comes, because then we’re going to be walking around with the same umbrella. Aw, how cute. Matching mother-daughter brellies.

Presentation tomorrow. Feel about as ready for that as I did the others. I hate presentations, well, I hate the anticipation. I think it’s less the being up there and more the waiting to actually DO the presentation. Not sure I’ll stick around for my last class tomorrow. I think the time will be better spent working on the profile thingy. Well.. I should go. I have to hand in something. That’s right. Gargh.

Then just a few things to do.

Oh man… I forgot. That cow in my EDCI class mouthed off again – this time while we had a guest speaker. I’ve been hearing rumours about having her removed from the class or something. I just can’t beleive that the chick feels that she has to attack the teacher for every little thing. She works so hard to find things to attack too. This time it was something about how some Chinese parents like to ask for more homework for their kids, because they value academic excellence. Fine, the teacher was trying to illustrate a different value system. Well, blah (I called her that last time) went off over that. Stereotyping or something. We were all flabberghasted. I mean, the teacher had made every attempt to couch the observation in the most – sympathetic? neutral? nonjudgemental? – terms possible. I had the strongest urge to get out of my chair, walk over to the bitch and slap her across the face.

But then I realised that she probably does it beacuse she doesn’t feel like she has control, or any self esteem and gets off on picking on weaker being. I should tell the teacher that. If there’s one thing I learned from working in an animal shelter, it’s that you don’t show fear to a terrified dog the same way you don’t show fear to a person who feels small inside. It’s the bully syndrome. She creates her own problems. Fuck her.

What makes me laugh is the fact that she thinks she’s going to be an elementary teacher.

Nomes suggested librarian to me on tues. Still holds appeal. I have to make up my mind damn soon, but I just have no idea. Hell, with my hair in a bun I look like a librarian. May as well play to the sterotype. Har har.

Thinking about getting Mischa Barton bangs but I’m not sure how that would look. It’s been years since I had bangs. I think it’d make me look younger… more so than the bun-thing. We’ll see.