Why is it that I feel like I am running a marathon uphill – through sand? I guess because even though school’s done, the pressure’s not off.

only 2 of the 8 days before my exam are free – the rest I work – night shifts. I don’t like night shifts much, because I can’t get started on anything in the am – because I know that any minute I’ll have to leave for work.

I missed the date to apply for grad, so now I have to do the summer convocation, or the fall…

I still have to study for my english exam, and that means I should finish reading Moby Dick and the Blithedale Romance. Each of which contains sentences that range for 2 to 9 lines long. Not to mention that two days after that my writing final is due, which is going to be even more work – and again, there feels like there’snot enough time.

Bills: we’re behind this month and I have no idea how we’re going to catch up and do christmas – again. It never fails. It’s getting ANNOYING

J gets to sit at home all day and play AC. Said he was going to do laundry yesterday and didn’t. It usually takes him longer than he says it will to finish something. I should be resigned to that and know it by now, but it just pisses me off right now.

Cinder hates me right because she’s in heat and is in complete love with J. And then there’s a bunch of little things on top of those that are stacking up because I’m all stressed out.

I just want to be able to relax for twenty minutes and not feel guilty for doing it!!