Interesting day today

Christmas shoppers are a strange lot. I had a visit from one of my least favourite ones… every time she comes in, she spends about two hours in the store. At least. Urg. She returns and buys and returns and then can’t make up her mind and then does it all over again.

I had to talk to a guy for the credit company today, because one of us had over-charged a customer. I got a pleasant person to talk to! He kept apologizing for making me wait and I was quite fine with it because it was just after 8, rather than already after closing. We joked a bit, and he was telling me how the turbo machine was more complicated than the other kind of machine they worked with. I told him it was ok because I had my baseball bat handy. He laughed and said “I like you, when you come to Toronto you can come work here, you ave the right attitude!” How nutty is that? Anyway, it made me smile.

Upside. I was in another store looking at things today and I looked up and i thought I recognized this guy, so I looked again and then when he looked at me it clicked – almost at the same time. I’ve known him since we were both about 2. I’ve not seen him in nearly 8 years. So that was pretty cool.

Then, when I got home, I got a weird notice in my mailbox from the property managers about how the fire hoses are going to be removed from the building because they don’t have the proper pressure to effectively fight a fire and that to do so with said hoses would be more dangerous than not fighting the fire. Uhm… wtf? I laughed.

But, I have a list of things I shouldn’t forget to do:

1. Apply to graduate
2. Apply for the pdp program
3. passport photos
4. passport office to regsiter it etc
5. student loan package

phew… I will be glad when I can have a wee break!