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I love this episode.

4.20 – Luke Can See Her Face
written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino
directed by Matthew Diamond
transcript by Jenna with assistance by Canopus

OPEN AT LORELAI’S HOUSE [Lorelai walks downstairs and opens the front door to pick up the newspaper. A cat is sitting on the porch. Lorelai goes to the phone and dials.]

RORY: Hello?
LORELAI: They know.
RORY:Who knows?
LORELAI: The cats — they know that I’ve broken up with Jason and that I’m alone and they’ve decided it’s time for me to become a crazy cat lady.
RORY: What are you talking about?
LORELAI: There’s a cat on my doorstep.
RORY: Well, that’s better than a bun in your oven.
LORELAI: It’s just sitting there, staring at me, like he knew this moment was coming. It’s still there. Why is it still there?
RORY: Mom, it’s a stray. It’s passing through. It’s hanging out. Relax. Move away from the window and go back to bed.
LORELAI: It’s not fair. We just broke up. It just happened. I’m still young. It’s still possible that I’m gonna have a successful relationship. You don’t know. My eggs are still viable.
RORY: Are you yelling at me or the cat?
LORELAI: The cat. I think he flipped me off with his tail. I’m Babette.
RORY: Babette’s not single.
LORELAI: Whose side are you on? Circle the wagons.
RORY: Sorry.
LORELAI: Everyone knows. They can see it in my face. “She’s single again. She couldn’t make it work again. She picked the wrong guy again.” [to cat] Hey, do not lick yourself in front of me.
RORY: Mom, I need you to get a grip. You’re tired, you’re stressed out, and you’re not seeing things clearly.
LORELAI: Oh, my God!
RORY: What?
LORELAI: There are two of them. They’re not even easing me into this, those bastards. I give up. I guess I need to start collecting newspapers and magazines, find a blue bathrobe, lose my front teeth.
RORY: Well, obviously, you’ve got a busy day ahead of you, so I’m gonna let you go.
LORELAI: Yarn balls. I need to find some yarn balls.
RORY: Bye.
[Lorelai opens the front door.]
LORELAI: [to cats] Hey, I am a young, desirable woman.