I am so fucking bent right now, you don’t even know. I went to my EDCI class and The proff was talking about our new group presentations and then she laid down the sign-up sheets at the front of class. Talk about fucking free-for-all. I wanted to get my date relatively far enough away from my two huge papers so that I had a reasonable amount of time between so that I wouldn’t overload my head again like I did last semester. But noooo, I have to do my fucking presentation the DAY BEFORE I have TWO 3000 word research essays are due. How fucking LAME can you possibly get? So I asked a whole bunch of people if they’d be willing to switch dates with me, but again, no go. Everyone is on the same kick. I just about burst into tears right there in the classroom.

goddamn mutherfucking dumbasses. Grr.

K. Done ranting.

Good note? I got my loan, so I’m going to go get my books while I have time between classes. I love books. I think this is the only thing that will make me happy today, except perhaps a hug from J. 😉