Must Write More…

So I have to write more than I have been. It’s obvious to me and to anyone else who writes on a regular basis. I just wrote some crap in my journal, and then some more crap and then a good sentence, and then more crap…sigh

I have my first poetry workshop on Tuesday. I shall have to look through all the crap I’ve written and see if there’s anything worth submitting to a workshop. Doubtful.

There is a chick who works in the Shoppers in the mall who wears a lot of make-up. I mean a lot. She draws her eyebrows on and she has three shades of eyeshadow and her lips look drawn on over a smooth canvas and then hair is always slicked back… she doesn’t look real. I had to ask her a question the other day and I almost blurted out what was in my head, which was ‘what on earth are you hiding from?’. I mean how can you wear that much crap on your face and think you look good? I wanted to reach over the counter and undo her braids and run my hands through her hair and then take a cloth and smear all the make-up off just to see what she looked like underneath. probably like a lovely young woman. Sad.

When I was waiting for the bus after work, I saw another of the neighborhood regulars. This woman might be a bit touched, as it were. She has straggly blonde hair and she always wears these huge sweaters or jackets that have faux fur on them – you know, things that might be considered trendy, over these strange frumpy-looking dresses. Mind you today she was wearing a black straight skirt under her cream coat.. but she stands funny so that her stomach and her chest both stick out over her mary-janes. She wears bright red lipstick and whenever I see her at a bus stop she asks me for a cigarette. She eats food off abandoned trays at the mall and when she walks, she talks to herself. Not muttering, talking – loud. There is no head-set or anything. I checked. It’s a wierd clash of behaviours and such.

Work sucked today, I think more because of my mood than anything. I was refolding one of the t-shirt tables and this woman came along and picked up every single shirt in three of the piles and unfolded them all before she asked for a size. I wanted to bash her head into the table. And then I had the one with all the receipts come back. She comes in every week to see if any of the prices have gone down and if they have she’ll come and throw a hissy until someone changes it and refunds her her three dollars or whatever. I try not to hate her, but days like this make it hard. One of these days I am going to make a pin-up of the kinds of customers we have in, and it will be funny. I should get someone to make little caricatures of them all. Sat, we did inventory, but neither of the computers could read any of the floppies that the inventory woman made of the results. I have to call head office tomorrow to find out what to do about that. Lucky me. Trust fate to make this the week that Boss Lady is off work. LOL.

J’s playing with his Christmas present. It’s a PS2… and he’s playing Final Fantasy X. I think it was a good call since he’s been wanting one for ages. I hope he gets more work this month, though no one wants to move in the snow. I was going to read, but my brain is so full f things that I can’t remember what it was I was supposed to do first. I hate that. Maybe if I make a list:

thank-you notes
passport photo
grad application
PDP info
pay fees
library research
do some writing – stream of thought stuff
do some drawing as a way into that
think about what to do after semester over
mom’s birthday gift

feels like there’s something I’ve forgotten… what is it? Oh damn.

I need to get out of this mood.I have no patience and everything annoys me. I hope it’s just PMS. Lol…