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I realize I’ve been doing a lot of complaining lately. Stress does that. Today I thought that I might post some of my solutions to said problems.

1. I’ve been lamenting the lack of quiet time lately. Quiet thinking alone time is at a premium right now and it’s been wearing on me. I need a bit of it to re-collect myself every now and then. I’ve resolved to go to the library tomorrow and find a quiet nook to take advantage of rather than having to plug myself in to the walkman to drown things out. I have doubts about whether this will be sufficient for the amount of crap I have in my head atm, but we shall see what the end result is.

2. I was also lamenting the fact that I have four fairly large projects due in the same week of March. my solution for that will have to involve me not being a procrastinator and getting a couple of them finished earlier. If I can get at least one of them done in February then I should be able to make it through the semester with some small shred of my sanity.

3. My writing. Well… seems I’ve been concentrating too much on the how and the why rather than the content or the subtext of what I’ve been writing. I need to just forget everything for a bit and write whatever. I was accused of being “too cinematic” in my last workshop and I suppose that that gets in the way of what I mean or who the characters are. The feeling. Yes. In the way of the feeling. That will take time. Time that is at a premium… but I will endeavour to produce some good poems this semester. (I hope I like the proff!!)

4. Money. Spending. Income. Huge student debt crawling out of the woodwork. There isn’t much I CAN do about this at this moment in time except what I’m already doing.

5. I’m so disorganized. I’ve got a new calendar system this year, so hopefully I can stay on top of all the non-school related things this year. No more missed application dates or overdue books! (please!)

6. Weight and clothes. I just have to stop feeling guilty every time I spend a few bucks on something to wear. I have to stop buying things that “will do” instead of things that I feel good in. I’m not that fat, and I just have to remember that. Summer is on its way and I will try to be more active. I can’t obsess. I have other things to obsess about.

7. As for the “oh my gawd do I really want to be a teacher or am I just doing that because it’s something” freakout is something I have to put some thought into. Some research too. I have to make up my mind so that I can take the next step in my education – or not, depending on what I decide.

Bottom line, “just shut-up and do it”

Now, if I can just write another couple of good lines before bed, I will feel better. =)