This is handy, because when I have the need to write I can do it online 🙂 I forgot disks, but that’s ok.

Interested to note the feeling I get when I read great poetry, or prose. I forget my body and become totally absorbed in what is on the page, in what is happening inside those words. I’ve only managed to accomplish that with my own work, once. At first I thought I couldn’t do it because I was the one doing the writing – because I was too close to what was in the text to start with. Now I know better and I also know that I can get that feeling while doing the actual writing of it.

Or course, I am also aware that this hasn’t happened in a long time. I have scribbled notes about the sweeping visual wonders I get in my dream state, but it’s not the same. There seems so little time for thought between sound and movement. See there I can be more articulate that I thought… I just have to have quiet and little in the way of distractions to help me.

Got some poetry books and some books on poetry out of the library. Not quite the same as the books I was supposed to get out on something related to one or more of my essays, but since I was feeling particularly cracked over my lack of production in the poetry area, I thought it was prudent to actually get something out that might inspire me.

Poetry is a little like spirituality. Perhaps only in the way that I feel I have to be in tune with myself, or at least in touch more with the inner workings as it were, than with just the things I have to do. Without that connection, anything I put on paper seems dry and technical. No matter how technically correct or fabulous something might be, it’s nothing without soul. What the masters of old referred to as the touch of the muse. It’d be nice to be inspired all the time, but then I think I might get a little tired.

Much better mood today.