Last night was good. I met up with Glyn and the crew from way back when. It was great catching up on old times a little. Everyone seems really happy. It makes me realize how much I miss them.

Funnies from last night:

Ry “he’d be the most popular in jail”
Tabs “really? I was sure that wasn’t what you guys’d want”
Ry “what are you talking about he’s pretty good lookin'”
Glyn “nicely built, I’d do him”
Ry “yeah!”
Ang “yeah, but the question is, would you let him do you?”
Ry “no, that’s gay”

Ian “She’s still got aspirations and Glyn’s still got a cock” (on why Glyn left early)

Ry “and you shouldn’t take floor pills with alcohol either”
Ang “floor pills?”
Ry “yesh, you know. When you’re at a house party and you see a pill on the floor and you say, ‘hey, a pill’ and pick it up. That’s probably bad.”