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Uneven evening… lots to do, mostly inside my head tho.

poetry: thinking round things… and corners, unfortunately, don’t mix well with round things and I’m bumping into a lot of those. Stupid poetry…

J’s watching fear factor atm, so my brain’s decided that now’s a good time to take a vacation, and there’s very little going on inside it right now. Which is kind of disappointing, because there was a lot I wanted to blog about.


I’ll settle for a preliminary funny for work:

Things I wish I could say:

“Is this on sale?” No, the little red sticker is just there to throw you off.

“Is this 7.99 like the t-shirts?” (holding up a sweater) If you’d looked at the SIGN then you might have seen that it was ONLY t-shirts that are 7.99 and that the sweater was more. Did you forget how to read?

“Do you have this in Yellow?” Do you SEE yellow anywhere in this store?

“Are these long sleeves?” (as she’s unfolding all of them just to check) Yes. I just cut some of them off into short sleeves so you have to look at every single one to find the one that still has it’s long sleeves. OR No, they’re all short and if you unfold one more I’m going to make you buy them all.

“Will this shrink?” (holding up a cotton sweater) If you put it in the dryer it will, perhaps you should stop doing that to your brain.

“Do you have sweatshirts?” No, I’m sorry I don’t. “Are you sure?” Uhm.. let me think about that for a second… I unpacked  every last thing that got delivered these last few months… yeah. Pretty damn sure as a matter of fact.

“Do you have white pants?” Not at the moment. “Well, I was in before Christmas and you had some.” I’m sure we did have some before Christmas. That was before Christmas.

“I just left them in the change room, is that ok?” Not really.

“I didn’t put them back on the hanger right.” No shit. They’re upside down, you lazy twat.