I hate my alarm.

Stupid thing did not go off this am, so I woke up a full 4 minutes before the bus I normally catch was scheduled to come past the house. I considered rushing, but then I decided that my day would be far crappier if I did and hopped in the shower. I got out to see a bus coming up the hill, so I ran for it and somehow I managed to still be on time for class. How, I have no idea.

First class, the girl next to me spilled her coffee all over her chair and my backpack. After helping her clean that up, class started and halfway through the lecture I started to develop a headache.

I still have the headache.

I went for lunch with Nomes, which was lovely. We shared mini eggs.

I went to the library and finished my workshopping. Workshop class was pretty fun actually. We have a pretty vocal and quirky group, so we had some interesting conversations about flirting with fruit and playing marbles on a boat. First hour was a bit strange because Lorna Crozier sat in to see how Tim did with the setup. I think Tim was nervous because he was conducting it like it was his first day again.

And then I had to sit though another painful installment of EDCI 353B – headache stepping it up a notch into migraine where the vision in my left eye started to get all spotty and I was supposed to try and read tiny text on overheads for my notes. An exercise in futility that.

I caught a bus to the BP here so that I could have the Christmas dinner with the girls from work, of which, only me and three others showed up for. We ate, chatted and then we came home.

I should have written down the thoughts I had on the bus, because they’re gone now and I’m home with the bloody TV on again.

I left the house at 8am. I got home at 9… That’s a long day.