I hate it when single parent families are stereotyped as dysfunctional.

My last class today, which I often find a chore because it’s taught in such an abstract manner, but this caught my attention because he was talking about disadvantaged youth and violence and how dysfunctional families often had issues with violence. And then he lumped single parent families in with the dysfunctional families. I had to put my hand up and say, “hey, not all single parent families are dysfunctional. I’m not dysfunctional. In fact I think a lot of so-called ‘normal’ upper-class families have more troubles with ‘dysfunction’ than you’d think.” Grr. damn stereotypes.

And then we were talking about Bullies, and I had a flashback of having my head pushed into a locker in grade 10, and being shoved by a couple of girls for some reason I never really fathomed. Then I blamed it on the fact that I had glasses, had huge hair, wore hand-me-downs… Who knows what the real reason was.

Oh and in Mary Ann’s class we talked about what inspired us to love reading. I don’t know what it was. I know I was read to, every night by my mother and I was determined to be a good reader. In grade 3 I read Born Free from cover to cover, even though I didn’t understand all of it. I couldn`t put a finger on what it was that made me love it. I think it had to do with the fact that it could take me places that were other than where I was.

Food for thought.