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Our upstairs neighbour had been evicted.

About a week ago, there were near 8 cops here to arrest the guy on an assault charge. They’ve been after him for weeks, because J and I had come across a cop in the back lot looking for the guy’s car. He’s loud upstairs, especially when he has his girlfriend(s) over. Apparently he was out on bail, because he’s been back for a bit, but last night, at just past midnight, there were two cops here for him again. J and I let them in, but upstairs-guy wasn’t home. We asked the cops if we could help – apparently the guy’s got a curfew. He’s supposed to be home between 8pm and 6am and he’s not supposed to drive anymore. I’m glad the landlady has evicted him.

J woke me up this am, earlier than he needed to. It was/is my only sleep-in day. I’m not quite with it yet as a result. I need my shower….