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I love mad libs in the morning.

Once upon a time there has a young MAIL CARRIER named VERN. He was VASTLY NOTHING in the MOULDY forest when he met PURPLE JOE-BOB, a run-away GARBAGE MAN from the PLASTIC Queen PHILOMENA.
VERN could see that PURPLE JOE-BOB was hungry so he reached into his BLENDER and gave him his ELECTRIC CUPCAKE. PURPLE JOE-BOB was thankful for VERN‘s CUPCAKE, so he told VERN a very RAUNCHY story about Queen PHILOMENA‘s daughter ANTOINETTE. How her mother, the PLASTIC Queen PHILOMENA, kept her locked away in a OUTHOUSE protected by a gigantic MOOSE, because ANTOINETTE was so FUZZY.

VERN BOOGIED. He vowed to PURPLE JOE-BOB the GARBAGE MAN that he would save the FUZZY ANTOINETTE. He would BONK the MOOSE, and take ANTOINETTE far away from her evil mother, the PLASTIC Queen PHILOMENA, and BURN her.

Then, all of the sudden, there was a CERAMIC TSUNAMI and PURPLE JOE-BOB the GARBAGE MAN began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic MOOSE from his story. PLASTIC Queen PHILOMENA VACUUMED out from behind a POTATO and struck VERN dead. In the far off OUTHOUSE you could hear a TRUMPET.

Subject: The SOLID BUNS in the INTERROGATION ROOM and Other Business.
From: Mr. BLUE, CHEESECAKE Supervisor

To: All Employees of ROUND MOOSE Inc.

It has come to my PAUNCHY attention that the INTERROGATION ROOM has been QUICKLY SHAKEN OVER with SOLID BUNS. I am tired of dealing with NUMBERED employees and their SOLID BUNS. The INTERROGATION ROOM is meant for SPELUNKING. It is not a PENCIL room.

On a more BOXY note, I would like to BURN all of you for the FLAT work you all did on the FLAKY MEASURING CUP account. You should all be HEAVILY THUNDERED.

Also, be sure to welcome BILLY JOE-BOB, the newest member of the WING department. They will be a FLUFFY HAIR to our family.

Mr. BLUE, CHEESECAKE Supervisor.