Tuesday is Chooseday

Would you rather:
1. uncontrollably burp loudly while meeting the Queen of England OR fart silently, but deadly, while meeting the Pope?
Hehehe… fart in the presence of the Pope. Come on now, how funny is that??? I think it’s hysterical. I Ffffart in your general direction!!
2. punch a stranger in the face OR kick your mother in the shin? This is a toss-up. If I kick my mother in the shin I can make it up to her without getting sued.
3. have a reputation for sleeping around OR a reputation for being a hermit? Don’t I already have a reputation for being a hermit?
4. live where the temperature never goes below 80°F (26°C) OR where it never goes above 60°F (15°C)? the former, for the simple fact that I get sick of being cold all the time.