I feel like a made some progress today. My list looks so long, but I feel better for having it all broken down a bit.

I read lots today and I scribbled some mad notes and I think I’ve come up with a respectable outline for my first paper. The outline being due on tuesday, I feel really accomplished, considering that I don’t usually finish things like that until the night before. I decided to just finish that one before I started the other that’s due on the same day because I was just going to confuse myself. And I was confusing myself. It wasn’t pretty.

Tomorrow I have to finish up the props for my presentation on thursday – I’ve discovered that the glitter glue I have is more like glitter drool. It’s all watery. I’ll have to rethink that part. Oh well. I’m still not great on my content, but at this point I just want that class to be over. It’s a drain on my psyche, playing kindergarten. The class is a joke. A major stinky joke.

I did not, however, get far on the research for either of my group presentations. I feel bad, because I’m sure that the others are doing more work than I am, but I don’t know how to cram so much into a day and stay relatively un-crabby.

I had a brainwave last night, which resulted in an interesting entry in my other blog this morning and a rough draft of a poem that I might feel up to submitting to my poetry workshop. I even accomplished a first reading and in some cases a second reading of the poems for workshop next week. I realise now that the one I submitted is drivel, but we shall see how others take to it, or not.

J and I did go for a walk today. It was a good idea, because I’m sure I would have ended up feeling quite cabin-feverish since it was so nice out today. Ian also came and picked up that extra TV we’ve had in the storage locker for ever and ever. That was nice. J tinkered with one of the monitors that was also in there, on the off chance that it was a fuse that was causing it to become a cats eye rather than a monitor. I don’t think he figured it out, because it’s still sitting in the hall.

We had a strange phone call about an hour ago, from a pizza place claiming that we had ordered 9 pizzas and that we were being charged for them – at our old address downstairs. J got a bit bent about that and called the phone company when the guy called back and threatened to call the cops because J refused to pay. Funny, because it wasn’t even a pizza place we’ve ever called. The phone company has a list of all our local calls so if the cops do come, J’s prepared. I personally think that someone at that pizza place read their call display wrong. And they did it repeatedly, because they called three times and were very rude. It’d be nice to have an apology.

Lol, that’s a sad thing, when the biggest event in my day is a wrong number.