Been reading, and my brain has been churning around various ideas and things that could turn into rants. ‘Course said rants info has nothing to do with what it is I’ve been reading, but I can’t focus on the book at the moment. It’s ugly and dry and technical.

I was talking to Nomes before her class today and she was bothered about the fact that there is blaming going on with M and Am – that Am hasn’t used the word ‘divorce’ for fear that M will lose his job and go to pot and blame his falling apart on her. So I got to thinking, as I do. I’m not sure all my ideas are fully formed and cohesive, as of yet, but there are questions anyway.

What is blame? Where does it come from? Why is it that we can’t just accept that we’ve made mistakes and move on? Somewhere there’s this deep-seated belief that something awful will happen to us if we are saddled with the stigma generated by fault. Then we’ll do anything in our power we can to remove this stain, even if it means foisting it on someone else. Does this come from the fact that our western culture is so influenced by a guilt-conscious religion? Are we still convinced that we’re going to burn in hell if we’re responsible for something that didn’t turn out? Why do we feel like we have to justify everything to our peers, to society? Why can’t we just accept the fact that things went awry without making sure that it’s someone else’s fault? What is so awful about owning a choice or a mistake?

Requires more thinking, I think, but any thoughts?

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