We just watched Skycaptain and the World of Tomorrow. I love how it was done. So old comic book dramatic with wonderful soft colours and dramatic lighting. I didn’t even mind the little inconsistencies that usually bug me in flicks like this. Oh, and I want Franky’s toys, can you imagine having an amphibious plane? Mwahaha. Oh, and Angelina Jolie looks amazing even in an eye patch, damn her, lol.

We have I, Robot for tomorrow. This one’s J’s pick. I’m not as excited about this one because of all the hype. I tend to like things that don’t hit it huge in the box office, but we shall see tomorrow if the hype is for a reason, or if it’s just because Will Smith has good publicity managers.

Anyway, I’m to bed. More reading for me. Work and library tomorrow most likely. Have to get some more research done.

~ Listening to: Jesse McCartney – Beautiful Soul