Greetings from BDI and Monday morning *mwahs*! Put on your dancing shoes and your thinking caps and let’s Mambo the Monday blues away!

01. Dreams come true … you’ve won a contest! The prize? You get to spend the day with your favorite artist sightseeing in a city on their world tour. You also get to sit on stage and have them sing a song to you. Who is the artist? What is the dream city you’d like to sightsee with them? What song would you like to sit on stage and have them sing to you?

Right now, it would have to be the boys from The Tea Party. I think we would have a blast around London and then they can sing “Heaven Coming Down” or “Save Me” to me. Very nice.

02. You are having a fantasy dinner party. It is strictly a dinner party – none of the artists will perform. The party can be small and intimate or a huge bash. Which musicians, composers, songwriters, etc. (living or dead) would be on your guest list? With you at the head of the table, what is the seating arrangement?

Bill Leeb and Chris Fulber, the Crystal Method people, the Black-Eyed Peas, Goldfrapp and Portishead and Massive Attack. As for seating arrangement, I think it would be a buffet and open bar arrangement, so that we could all mingle freely and I could pick their brains about their music.

03. Think of the three most important people in your life … list them, dedicate a song to each of them (title and artist) and reveal why you’re dedicating that particular song to them.

J~ Holly McNarland’s version of In the Air Tonight because it makes me feel all mushy, lol
Lindsie~ one song? I could find a whole album for this lady, she makes me smile! first one that came to mind was Beyonce’s “crazy in love” because I can see Lindsie dancing to it – in her chair no less!

Naomi~ Let’s get it Started – Black-Eyed Peas, because it’s a dancey song and it always makes me think of Naomi
Kiddo~ Eminem’s Mockingbird, because it’s her favourite song right now.

04. Spring has sprung! It’s said that spring is the time when a young man’s (or young woman’s) fancy turns to love. List at least three of your all time favorite songs (include the artist name) in which the theme is love — whether it be passionate love, unrequited love, love lost, etc.

I Will Remember You – Sarah McLachlan
Teardrop – Massive Attack
Bring Me To Life – Evanescence
I Hate Everything About You – Three Days Grace
Lonely No More – Rob Thomas
She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5
In the Air Tonight – Holly McNarland