Silly Salutations and welcome to Week 55 of BDI‘s Wednesday Mind Hump!

Ready for a little pre-hump action? Today we celebrate “Act Just Like Your Mom Day”. Okay, for some of us that thought is unimaginable. Fortunately or unfortunately, whether it be the way we cook, act, react, or a habit we’ve developed, most of us do something like our mothers. What traits do you have that is just like or similar to your mother.

Apparently I laugh like her. We can also carry on up to four conversations with each other simultaneously. I know when it’s her on the phone. I make lists – endless lists. I spend a lot of time *thinking* about things.

Now that your minds are warmed up, let’s hump, hump, HUMP IT UP!

01. If you had a digital marquee on your forehead what three messages might run first thing in the morning, midday and at night? Are there other messages you might program into the marquee so that you can flash that message at a moments notice?

Don’t talk to me, I will only grunt.
Pmsing, feed me now.
Hug me

02. H&R Block is currently running a commercial that focuses on “do-overs”. Tell us about something in your life that you’d like to “do-over”.

Kind of, and that involves my breakup with Reed.

03. There is a special language of flowers — a red rose denotes love, a daisy denotes innocence or faith. Follow the link to The Language of Flowers (which, for the sake of convenience, will open in a new window) and using the list create a bouquet that best reflects your character. Also create a bouquet for one of your favorite people or blog-friends that reflects how you see them. Remember, we’re all about sharing the love so why not tell your friend to come to your blog and read about the bouquet you’ve created for them. (In the best interest of time, list the name of the flower and the trait it represents)

My bouquet: Zinnia (magenta) – Lasting affection, Tulip(variegated) – Beautiful eyes, Queen Anne’s Lace – Fantasy, Quince – Temptation, Prickly Pear – Satire, Poppy (red) -Pleasure; fantastic extravagance, Pink – Boldness, Peach blossom – Longevity, Oak leaves – Bravery, Orange – Generosity, Orange Blossom – Wisdom, Orchid (Cattleya) – charm, Mimosa – Sensitivity, Hyacinth (red or pink) – Play, Eglantine – Poetry; I wound to heal, Dogwood – Durability, Borage – Courage; bluntness, Acanthus – Art or artistic, Allspice – Compassion, Bells Of Ireland – Good luck

Hrm… I don’t know who else to do… I’ll leave it for now.