I’m back from my adventures overseas and, as much fun as I’ve had, I’m happy to be home. I missed my own bed and being able to say exactly what was on my mind. (I forget how suppressed my mother is sometimes…) Not to mention that I missed my honey and the cats.

For my next trick I’ll be struggling to find out which way I’m going in my life – and getting my films developed – but not necessarily in that order.

I’ve been going through my travel-journal and there are moments when I have no idea what I’m talking about and others where I crack myself up. We had three flights to get to Athens, the first a little 20 minute one from Victoria to Vancouver and then after a considerable layover, from Vancouver to Amsterdam. The flight was over nine hours, but not quite. I tried to sleep on the plane, but there wasn’t much happening in that field. I did miss most of “Racing Stripes” though, so I dropped off several times, though not enough to lose the thread of the plot. All I could think while it was on was how unfair it was to the poor zebra. They played “Ocean’s Twelve”, “Bugs Bunny and Tweety” and “Everybody Loves Raymond” too. On the flight to Athens from Amsterdam, some woman decided that marinating in her perfume before climbing into a small enclosed space with recycled air was a good plan. My journal says “my head is threatening to explode. If it does I hope part of my skull gets perfume-woman in the eye.” Just a bit punchy, no?

That night we had dinner in the Plaka, which is the old part of Athens, now inhabited by Tavernas, Byzantine churches the size of shoe-boxes and tourist shops. I think we ordered Greek Salads and some kind of meat-dish. I remember being surprised at the amount of salt in the meat, but it was a pleasant meal in the outdoors, watching other tourists and some locals go by. There was a small smattering of rain and a whole bunch of white-shirted waiters scurried into the avenues and set up umbrellas and canopies while it sprinkled, and then put them all away again as soon as it was over. Much activity. I noticed that there were no waitresses. All of the waiters where young men – mostly in tight black pants and flattering remarks designed to get customers. The only two women I saw appeared to merely be door ornaments for a bar across the street.

Next day we roamed around the Plaka for a bit and then up to the amphitheatre near the Acropolis, where my camera decided to quit on me. I was a little bent – I mean who wouldn’t be and mom accused me of having a tantrum. She couldn’t even give me a minute to be upset – like it was a bad thing to be emotional about it. We descended into the Plaka again to look for a camera shop which might be able to fix it, and ended up buying a new one. I hope I managed to figure out how to use it sufficiently, because I’d be very sad if my pictures don’t turn out ok. After a lunch in a little bakery we connected with an optional tour of cape Sounion, which is where the temple of Posiedon is. Our bus boasted a pair of lovely Americans who mom noted were “born with more words than others” and had loud opinions about everything, and thus managed to miss out on a large portion of what our guide was saying.I was frequently amused, but mom shushed me a couple of times when I commented so I restrained myself. The guide told us some legends and some history about the place and we took copious pictures. We then had dinner in the Plaka with some of our new tour group where I had some Calimari and mom had some soupy Moussaka.

Next day we toured the Acropolis (Which actually refers to the highest point in a city, rather than any one of the monuments up there, which include the temple of Athena (parthenon) the Propylaea or the Actaeon) We also saw “museum row” and the Olympic stadium from the 1800’s and the blue line that marked the route from Marathon. That was cool. We had some encounters with stray cats – seems they’re everywhere. We saw two at the Acropolis. (They’re systematically fixed and vaccinated and then released. The City employs about 13 women to feed them at certain stations every day. We met one of these ladies during our Athens free time.) We also visited the Ancient Agora in the city and ate dinner in the Plaka to traditional music and dancing. The dancers got me up on the floor and I flailed about cluelessly with everyone else. Much fun. YUMMY food. I could eat like a Greek happily for the rest of my life.

Next day we visited Corinth, Mycenae and Epiduarus.
Next day was over the mountains to Olympia. We saw Nauplia and the museum of Olympia but the ruins we saw the next day. Then into Delphi then the day after that we visited Meteora. Then we went back to Athens, and then started our second tour… three nights on Mykonos and three in Santorini. I think instead of boring you with the whole thing right now, I’ll do installments… not to mention that my fingers might get tired if I keep going. LOL… More later.