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Listening to: No Man’s Woman – Sinead O’Connor

I’ve been terribly introspective of late, which has lead to the “fixing” of one old story that I never submitted to workshop and the creation of a new one out of the ashes of a silly idea I had years ago. I have to admit that realising you never really looked at something in your past can really open up the possibilities of exploration in fiction. You may never know what I mean by that – rest assured I barely do. I think it’s enough to say that my brain’s been working overtime on the little tidbits I’ve unearthed.

This week I had the pleasure to visit with a friend from high school and do a little catching up. It was almost like old times, regardless of the water under the bridge. And then I had Lindsie visit. It’s always fabulous to see the Lindsie, though the reason for her staying wasn’t exactly a happy one. Granted, she got to “hang with people she likes” but it was on a sad note. It was good to see you Lindsie – but you forgot your jellybeans!