A sudden silence hit the Earth. If anything it was worse than the noise. For a while nothing happened.
The great ships hung motionless in the sky, over every nation on Earth. Motionless they hung, huge, heavy, a blasphemy against nature. Many people went straight into shock as their minds tried to encompass what they were looking at. The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.

And so begins the destruction of the earth, which sends Arthur Dent on the adventure of several lifetimes. I read the entire “trilogy” in omnibus form, partially because the movie was coming out but mostly because I’d never read it and I was beginning to feel a little less like a worthy human being. This series had been touted as one of the must-reads by nearly everyone who’s cracked it open before. I’m pleased to say that they were right. Definitely a HUGE success.

Douglas’ style is witty and off-kilter, which I’ve always admired in British drama, fiction, TV and radio – but Douglas is a master. I laughed the whole way through, even when I was 23 hours jetlagged and waiting for a 20 minute flight home.