An update on the fall… (Thanks for those words of wisdom there Karnov – it was in fact the stairs that did the hurting) my left ankle is all swollen up now, though it’s not twisted, just lumpy and sort of bluish. There’s also a sore spot on each knee, though the right one actually has colour. My wrists are a little sore too from trying to stop myself by clinging to the banister. *rolls eyes* The fact that I haven’t broken any bones in my life totally amazes me. Here I am sailing down stairs, dropping things on my limbs, randomly stabbing, electrocuting or bashing myself and flipping backwards over fences (that is another tale for another day) and I’m still in one piece. It’s a wonder they gave me my driver’s licence! At the very least I should have a warning label: “Watch for flailing limbs” SHEESH!!

I finished day four of training out at my new job and I have to say my brain is totally twisted with information. We were doing “prorations” and billing today and I was so tangled up that my eyes crossed involuntarily and our trainer laughed. (Fiend!) Seriously though, I’m so glad I’m only having to learn (mostly) one system because otherwise I’d be in serious trouble. Oh and remind me to take a calculator as my brain quagmires at the mere thought of equations more complicated than 7×6. Not to mention the fact that I have to now learn “American” which goes against my proper-english-trained brain.

It’s taken me until today to actually get into the rhythm of the says, since I actually have to leave the house at 5:30am to get the bus that gets me to work in time. Yesterday I lay down at 7:30pm or something and slept almost all the way through until 430 when my alarm went off. (Hrm, perhaps this has had an affect on my coordination… or not.) I realise that as much as I would love to sleep in on Saturday, I’m not going to be able to without screwing up this precarious sleep-pattern I have set up. Maybe just until 6… (I’m seriously thinking of asking for a shift change to at least an 8am start…)

I’ve begun to work on a new template, since the Lovely Lindsie has offered space on her domain for my little corner of the internet. However, since I’ve been cross-eyed most of this week I’ve really accomplished depressingly little. On that and on the novel that I was so hot on the week before. Barring anymore leg or brain cramps I should be able to get into the swing of things a little better soon.

That’s been my week so far, and I hope that tomorrow is relatively common-sense. We get to “call-shadow” tomorrow, which ought to be terrible fun. 🙂