I had a fairly nice weekend – I spent most of it writing bits, watching Alias and yesterday, looking at all of my pics from Greece. Yes, I got them back! I’ve been trying to figure out how I want to post some of them, because there are heaps of them. I think I’ll try and pick out a few favourites and go from there – but that’s the hard part right there. Each one brings back something from the trip that I want to share. It will be a challenge, to say the least. However, said weekend was TOO SHORT. For some reason Saturday went so fast and Sunday was filled with comings and goings of random people and loads of laundry that I don’t feel like I got anything accomplished. At least not in terms of relaxing or unwinding.

I have once again hit a wall with HIWTHI (not the least of which is the freapin’ title) because of a stray scene and my inability to nail down dialogue this weekend. Why? Why does this happen? I was all good with the flow and I came across another scene that I want in the story. it’s a good scene, it helps explain quite a bit. I just have to figure out a way to weasel it in there without screwing up the nice flow I already had happening. I also have to iron out the character inconsistency with Eila, since she’s got a role to play yet that hasn’t changed (at least so far… lol). OF course this has made me hate the story today, which is horrible.

Today at “work” was interesting. Everyone was suffering from post-weekend and looking a little bleary-eyed. Had a few giggles – mostly because we were all so off-kilter that stupid things struck us funny. At least it did me. I mean come on, “back end trouble shooting” is kind of funny first thing in the morning. I also discovered that my ride is also a Red Dwarf fan. The world is ordered correctly, LOL.

(J’s “business partner” decided to abscond with the truck sometime last night, which has caused J no end of grief, which is exactly what he doesn’t need these days, what with the medical issues he’s recently been dealing with. Sometimes I just want B’s head to explode.)

on my winamp: Kate Bush – This Woman’s Work