coca cola 1930’s ingrediants – Ok I find this a tad amusing, because I want to know too, but I don’t know how you got here searching for that! PS look here
asheron madonna video – Asheron did a video with Madonna? Cool.
ash_darkmoon.blog – someone from Victoria, BC – repeatedly. Who are you and why must you use my old addy to find me every time? Hrm? I know you’ve got Shaw and are on a not-so-great monitor, but I have no idea who you are!! *looks supicious* It’s a plot, isn’t it?
harley quinn porn – someone from Kutztown, PA obviously has a LOT of time on their hands.
“gaia online” Trichotillomania – I have NO idea why these two are linked, but I DO know how you got here with that search!
home remedy for human parasites – uhm. You might want to have that looked at. Really.
google Pictures of the human deformed bodies – This hit from LA, California – you’d think you’d use the image search if you wanted pictures – but tell me WHY do you need pictures like this? (and if you’re using google, you don’t have to type “google” in the search window you know. Just a hint)