It’s amazing how every once in a while a whole whack of people from your past just suddenly show up at random intervals.

See, I knew Glyndor was coming this week an that as a result I would see him, and at least Ian and Reed and Angela, but I didn’t realise how many others would come out of the woodwork upon his arrival. First of all, on the bus trip downtown I saw a guy I’d not seen at least since grade 12. I recognised him instantly, because his face hasn’t changed a bit, but it took him a minute to place me. New glasses will do that. Then, when I arrived at Ian’s place there were the ones I expected plus a few others, like Jessi-maka and Chris. I had not seen Chris since my days at Mala the gods knows how many years ago. It took me longer to recognize him because he’d grown his hair long – and it turned out curly. I shall have to ask him if I’m allowed to link him just to SHOW you. The man has gorgeous girls-wanna-kill-him-for it curls. LOL Oh yes, and I also got to meet Ian’s girlfriend. I’m happy to report that I think she’s a sweetheart and that Ian’s very lucky. He’s certainly happy!

And then yesterday I got to hang out with Nomes, which was a treat since we’ve not seen each other all summer despite our best intentions. And then TODAY I saw another girl I hadn’t seen since high school on the bus when we went out to go get our checks.

So, all in all an interesting week for people. And sadly, it’s back to the grind again tomorrow. I am so applying elsewhere this week, you don’t even know!

In other news Jacqueline Carey has a new book coming out in the Kushiel series called Kushiel’s Scion and I can’t wait for it to be out. Yeah. I’m a geek – all over the place!!! Weee!

on my winamp: Conjure One – Extraordinary Ways