Cover of "Archangel (Samaria, Book 1)"

Cover of Archangel (Samaria, Book 1)

I just recently finished reading this novel between calls at work. I was first introduced to Sharon Shinn’s Samaria with Archangel, and then with Jovah’s Angel and the Alleluiah Files, and I keep coming back. Shinn has created distinct races on a world that may exist far in the future. There are things familiar about each group that teases the reader into comparing with out own people, but it’s just off enough that one can stop at the nature of each and be happy. It’s fantasy with a touch of SF and I love the way she’s blended them together. THe underlying theme, as it is with most of the novels that take place on Samaria, is that there is love for everyone, regardless of race, or creed etc.

This novel takes place about a year or so after the events in Archangel. It deals with the aftermath of Gabriel’s actions in that book, but focusses more on Obadiah and his chance encounter with Rebakah, a rebellious Jansai girl. Rebekah’s people prize their women’s purity and anonymity, and hide them away within walls and veils, and because of Gabriel, have no love for angels.

This novel was a little slow-moving at times, but there’s always something that draws the reader onwards – it was perfect for reading between customers!

edit But then I reread this (Oct2) and I really don’t remember much about it, so really, a good book for between customers.