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So I have entered the ranks of those who make ends meet by working their butts off at two jobs. Yes, that’s right I have got myself a part time job. Yes, it’s retail, but no, it will never be anything but a supplement. Seriously, I think this is the only way I will ever afford to buy clothes!

I’m taking this as a sign that things are going in the right direction. If I can get one job, then I can get another to replace the one I have now. I have been feeling a little less thin-skinned recently, but I think it’s because my cynical-switch has been flipped back into the ‘on’ position. Everything I encounter there is just another leaf on the compost heap of idiocy and at some point the company will realize just what it is they’re doing. No amount of my bitching will fix it – but the customer’s leaving certainly will.

On a completely different topic, what is it with those guys who shave all the hair off their face except for the tiny bit that grows from under their bottom lip? Usually it’s such a little patch that one could mistake for a really bad mole or dribble from that sloppy joe they ate for dinner save for the fact that when they rub their faces, as they will inevitably do at least once, it doesn’t go away. Seriously, can someone tell me what these are all about? Is it because they can’t grow a full beard, or even enough for a neatly trimmed goatee? Does it mean something? Does it mark them as a member of some secret society? I get so distracted by these six or eight hairs poking out from the guy’s bottom lip and resisting the urge to reach out and pluck the damn things that I can’t concentrate on what’s really being said. Quick, someone tell me before I’m forced to submit the question to the gods of google! Ha!

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