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This is officially my last week at The Evil Job. Evil, evil place that it is. This alone makes me feel pretty damn good.

This also means, however that I am careening head-first into a new job, which is always a little nerve-wracking… made especially so since I have a total of two (yes TWO) outfits that are remotely acceptable as “business-causal” wear… not to mention the fact that of the three bras I own that are serviceable, none of them are entirely… flattering… anymore. So. New job also seems to require new clothes. I’m only partly sad about that, and that really only has to do with the amount of money that’s going tot ake, when I could be getting ahead on student loans which are going to haunt me for the rest of my freaking life.

Man… I’d love to win the lottery, then we could actually DO all the things we want to do rather than just think about it endlessly.

listening to: BT – Somnambulist