Well, I have been remarkably boring lately, which is why this lovely little corner of the internets has not been updated in the last little while.

I have worked, played WoW and read copious books. I’ve also plastered my resume all over town and have my fingers crossed that someone will call me and hire me at a decent wage. Before I said I had a prospect – which, if I weren’t paying back student loans would have been quite a good thing, but as it stands it wasn’t going to work for now. It was assistant manager at a store I used to work at; a store I left for reasons similar to the ones that are pushing me to leave the call centre.

I did not watch the Oscars, though I did catch some snippets of the red carpet when J was channel-flipping. (I also saw way too much in Ultimate fighter and racing, but what can a girl do?) Even when we find a show that we both want to watch, as soon as the commercial comes on he has to start flicking – and we hardly ever get back to the show in time. I hate missing anything, which is why I end up downloading the shows I want in the end anyway. It’s funny how this could be something we could fight about, but we never do. Sometimes I hide the remote, but that’s another story *grin*


Back in February while I work, one of the other call centres got closed and I looked up at the reader board to see exactly why and scrolling across it was this message: “*** centre closed due to insolent weather conditions…” and I had to pause. How can weather be insolent? I mean, that’s something you could stretch and work with in a poem, easily, but it was totally unexpected for a reader board in the middle of a crappy-ass call centre in February.

Also, at work, I started having to write down some of the names I encountered. Seriously, I’m stunned sometimes by these names and I have to mute myself so I don’t burst into torrents of insane giggles when they tell me their names. Seriously, what were these parents thinking naming their son “Brackett”? Or the woman who was named Finalee. Yes, she was born late and yes, I really, really had to ask. Calvert got a snort out of me too. After the first few Lashawnda/Latonya/Ratoya/Lukesha/Lucretia/Kiyasha combos those stopped having the same affect, but every now and then one gets me. I have a list. Trust me. Things like this are sometimes the only things that get me through the day.

In the ladies washroom at work I overheard some chick cheering herself on in the mirror for “cheating” the company out of a hundred bucks. I imagine she gave a credit to a customer rather than escalate a call to someone higher up. “Policy” from the company is very tight-assed about credits, which is idiocy, considering it’s a new policy that negates the way the company was run, and the reputation it used to have. I felt like cheering her too, but I figured that might e a bit weird coming from a closed stall and all.

Listening to: Stabbing Westward – Waking up Beside You