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Little E had an interesting customer today:

“200 US will give you back 218.37 Canadian.”
“That doesn’t seem right, what was the rate again?”
“Then I should get more back.”
“There is a small flat fee of $2.75, which comes off the total.”
“But that’s still not right,”
“$200 US times 1.1056 equals $221.12 Canadian, minus 2.75 equals 218.37” says Little E, going through the receipt and writing the equation out on a piece of paper. passing both to the customer who squints at it.
“That still doesn’t seem right. Do you have a calculator?”
“Sure,” Little E says and slides one out to the customer, who does the equation and, of course gets the same answer. She stares at the numbers for a moment and then looks at Little E with something like suspicion.
“Is this a Canadian calculator?”