Why do I feel totally annoyed today? Perhaps the fact that I had to go downtown again to get something from work. (Thwarted by my own stupidity, yarg.)I also forgot mom was coming yesterday which threw me off. I thought I had a free weekend for a change, but nooooo. Had to run into town twice and J’s got the TV on all the time and I keep turning it down, but it keeps getting loud again …. And how he has this new headset, so he can’t hear the other half of everything I say. (He either couldn’t hear or chose not to aknowledge the first half before that, so I feel like giving up on talking. But then that might also be a symptom of my general crankiness.)

Not that I minded seeing the mother-unit, we had lots to talk about.

Just feeling really cranky is all. I should stop planning anything for myself because it never seems to work out these days.

Surely I can have a day to myself to recharge soon.